Art Of Writing A Speech

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  • Get All The Support And Guidance You Need To Be A Success At Writing A Speech!
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What this Book Has to Offer
Creating a good speech is really all about using the right ingredients to ensure the overall outcome is acceptable and professionally done. There are lots of elements that should ideally be included when designing a good speech.

Chapter 1: Writing Speeches Is Not As Hard As You Thought
Chapter 2: Your Goals Of Delivering The Speech
Chapter 3: Understanding The Topic Thoroughly
Chapter 4: Determine The Depth Of Your Research
Chapter 5: You Need To Know Your Audience
Chapter 6: Dummies Way Of Researching On Your Speech Topics
Chapter 7: Anatomy Of Your Speech
Chapter 8: Getting Evidence To Support Your Speech
Chapter 9: Writing A Persuasive Speech Outline
Chapter 10: Why Call To Action Is Important


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